It is important to keep in mind the standards for cold weather when it comes to your fire sprinkler systems. Here are three proactive steps that are crucial for this upcoming cold season:

  1. If your facility has a wet pipe fire sprinkler system, ensure that it is in a heated area, maintaining a minimum temperature of 40°F or higher. It’s vital for their functionality and reliability.
  2. For facilities with dry pipe sprinkler systems, proactive measures are key: regularly inspect and drain all low point drains to prevent potential freeze-ups.
    • If you need guidance on how to drain your low points, refer to this blog here, or contact us directly for assistance.
  3. Take immediate action to inspect your heaters, ensuring they’re in optimal working condition. Also confirm that your Riser Rooms are adequately heated to ward off any chances of freeze-ups.
    • Additionally, consider this proactive step: seal off any drafts from the exterior of your building. Even in heated spaces, drafts can cause pipes to freeze. Protect your systems by properly sealing off any areas susceptible to cold drafts, safeguarding your facility against damage to your sprinkler system.

Let us help you stay proactive in safeguarding against the harsh effects of the cold weather on our systems!